Swop felt pad

As is known, first generation tapes can make beeping noises, this is a felt pad isseu.
If you want tot record, is’t impossible.
So I tested today t swop the felt pad from a 2nd gen. in a 1st Gen DCC.

and with succes :slight_smile:


So basically you cut it loose, and then installed another felt pad?
What we need is a fresh supply of new working felt pads.

Yes that what I did.
And new felt pad would be welkom.
In this case I wanted to safe the 45min 1st gen, by using a old one from a broken tape.

Great research Jorn.
Maybe you can scout for felt pads? This would really solve a lot of problems for the dcc community.

And we could do another video about it.

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How did you attach the new felt pad to the metal strip?

And does anyone know the exact dimensions of the felt pad? My guess (but that is a guess) is 6 x 4 x 1,5/2 mm

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  1. glue that is suitable for textile and metel.
  2. I know that the sizes & texture over the brands are different, in h-w-d.
    also the metal piece is different, for example there can be an elevation in it, so than the felt pad is tinner.
    add to this, I beleve that the width and high to tape is the most important.
    I will dive in to a solution.

any recommendations are welkom

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  1. I see. So better to focus on the ones that are most used. That would be the Philips cassettes, and maybe the BASF and/or Maxell. At least, that is my experience.

yes do agree,

here some dcc exaples:

the bottom one is the 1st gen and 5.45 x 3.6 x 1.95. the other two are < 1.95 so in my opinion not suitable on the same metal part.

This one is 5.55 x 4.85 x 1.95 so only to make this one less wide.
results follow.


Are these all examples from DCC? Not ACC?
I see that there is a lot of difference in the thickness of the felt. So that has to be addressed.

I think that the width and height can be standardised.
-The height of the felt pad should cover the tape from top to bottom, or from one end to the other so to say. Regardless of the metal piece used. The tape is 1/8 inch, that is 3,18mm. So that would be around 5-6mm.
-The width should be wide enough to cover the curve of the head a little. So around 4 mm should do it.

But, the thickness is indeed an issue.


Today testing with replacing the felt pad. The results were, as to say, disappointing.
This is indeed a very delicate business with tiny margins. Besides the dimension, even the stiffness and the smoothness and the slipperyness of the felt seem to matter.
Obviously the orginal design was well thought out. But we knew that already :slight_smile:


@pvdm, thanks for testing as well.
The thoughts that come in my mind, the “video” tape had no felt pads, so thats unique regarding the dcc set op.
Note is this is that a other dcc felt work well in the first gen philips. But I will do also some further testing with current acc tapes.
Old tapes als the Sony UX-S tape felt pads are not the way to go, because they have the same price tag today.

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I have been replacing felt pad on Sinclair Microdrive cartridges with success. I have be cutting the small pads from strips of felt designed for 8 track cartridges. These come with an adhesive strip on the back, so makes installation easier. Not sure what thickness the felt is but I will check.

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@bagpuss22 do you have some picture to share, thanks

I have been using this for a few years now, not sure if it will be thick enough.

@bagpuss22 Thanks!
Do believe that this can be de way forward, https://www.8trackavenue.com/
Let me see how to get some samples in The Netherlands

FYI @pvdm & @drdcc

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@Jorn If you have any issues getting samples let me know and I can send some, of the strip I use, from the UK.

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Sorry, you make a little mistake… the tape is 3,81mm not 3,18…

First of all thanks to @bagpuss22 sending the 8track felt pads to us in the DCCmuseum EU/Sub departement.

These felt pads are in a strip which make it possible to cut them on the right size.
But the hieght is not the same, so I came to the following solution, see pictures and picture name:

11_cut off the top part

12_Top part have aproxx same hieght of the new felt pad

13_cut off to same size

14_Add the felt pad with a tweezer


16_Succes full playback

@pvdm @edate7 @drdcc @Jac @Max


Thanks for testing.
@bagpuss22 is this the link?


Hi Ralf,

Yes, those look like the strips I ordered. The site has changed and they used to be referenced as #005FP