Slimline DCC Recorder

Hi team first time here but isn’t there a Marantz slim Line DCC player that combined DCC and a cd player in the one unit?

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Slimline was marketed pretty heavily in the Netherlands in the late 1990s but apparently nowhere else because information about it is hard to find on the Internet and all old pictures are from Dutch auction sites. I bought one from Vogelzang in Eindhoven, a blue one. I was told by the people in the store that there was (I think) a Slimline ACC/DCC combination that they didn’t have in stock.

So I bought the receiver, the surround processor and (I think) the CD player, and called the store a couple of times over the next few weeks to see if the Cassette/DCC recorder was available. It never showed up.

After a month or so, I gave up. I wanted to have a cassette deck and i didn’t have any, so I bought (I think) a double cassette deck slimline unit, and returned the CD player to replace it with the CD/Minidisc combination which worked very well (and incidentally used the same remote control codes for Minidisc as my DCC730 used, which was a bit of a problem). I had to sell the Slimline system when I emigrated, and that was the end of the era of MiniDisc for me :slight_smile:

I looked around on the internet a couple of times in recent years to see if there was any sign that the DCC recorder actually existed, but there’s no sign of it anywhere. This happened around the time that Philips discontinued DCC so it’s possible that the unit never went into production and the store only saw a demonstration model or even just a catalog or something, or maybe just a small number of units was produced. In any case, it’s either rare as hen’s teeth, or doesn’t exist at all. But I’m pretty sure it was developed; I remember when you switched my double cassette deck on, it said “ACC ACC” in the display, indicating that the software may have been prepared for a double deck where at least one deck could record DCC’s.


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Yes I am pretty sure I saw one, back in the day, at a local hi-fi store in Hilversum (RAF) and yeas later online

No clue on the serial number but was always liking the slim down Form of the Marantz slim Line.

Thank you for sharing your journey.

This individual talks about his DCC set up in the Philippines. It includes the slim Line. I was going to ask if he wants to sell

I just found some old emails that clarified my memories about Slimline.

Apparently I bought mine at the end of May 1997, and what I had was the SR1040 receiver and the DC1020 CD/Cassette combo. I later added the Surround decoder and the MD recorder.

The CD/Cassette combo said “CD ACC” and in my old email I mention that someone confirmed to me that the early version of the CD/cassette combo had a DCC mechanism.

When the CD/MD combo came out later in 1997, they didn’t have a blue one, but the store allowed me to return the CD/cassette combo and wait until the blue CD/MD was available. I got that in September 1997.

I can’t tell from my emails if I ever got another analog cassette deck when I traded in my DC1020. This is a lifetime ago…


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Do you have a web link with that screenshot?

photo 1

photo 2

Not sure if that loaded okay but tried copying the address/ web page

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Well… I guess @drdcc has another rare model to look for, for the museum :slight_smile:


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I will keep an eye out for the museum:)

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Here are copies of @GidionDehaan’s pictures in case they go offline in the future.
Are these your own pictures, of your own unit? Or did you find these pictures online somehow?

EDIT: I guess you already answered that. Do you know the type number of this unit? Was it SD1020 (the same as the CD/ACC combo?) or something else?

That would be amazing. The guy owning describes it clearly, but I can’t find any logo markings on the unit mentioning dcc. The picture is blurry. @Jac and I have been talking about this for a long time. Would be great if we found one.


There’s a Slimline catalog here, but it obviously is a very early one: No surround system, no MD (obviously – as I mentioned, they didn’t release an MD recorder until September 1997) and the only available colors are black and amber (I remember seeing orange, green, blue, grey and black).

The annoying habit of Marantz to re-use type numbers for different devices makes it difficult to find information online.



I will keep an eye out for the serial type number. Or any documents.

It is a shame the photos are so unclear.

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@Jac @GidionDehaan @drdcc
I do agree on Jac comments about the mechanism.
In these day of the slim line I work at an audio show, have sold al lot slimline, even to my parents.
Maybe 10 years ago a repaired the acc deck and do believe that it the same.

But also believe that is where the confusion with dcc come in with the sales men in the shops …

Let me know what you think of that is the possible truth?

I looked up the series, seems to be relatively popular in Germany, too. I found an offer with a sharper image of an analog tape and CD variant, it looks exactly the same as in the picture, so I have strong doubt that it is DCC.

I’m afraid I have to agree… I think even on a crappy picture it should be easy to recognize the DCC logo and I don’t see any. I expect there would be one on the cassette drawer or something. So it looks like the machine in the picture is “just” an SD1020. Still nice, but not what we would be looking for.


It sure looks like a tape deck but interesting how the Blogger discribes all details about DCC.

You never pasted a link to the actual blog post so we don’t know :slight_smile:


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This is the link. The story is mid way in the page

“Now that I have everything cleaned up, it’s time to test its accoustic property. Lying on the floor is the Marantz Slim-Series audio systems. The amplifier section is a 40W + 40W RMS amplifier/preamp with 0.001% total harmonic distortion (as per specs). Below it is the CD/DCC deck. On the background, you could see the Pioneer Tudoroki speaker systems.”


" The Slim-Series is the brain child of Ken Ishiwata, the chief designer of most Marantz products since the early 90s. What makes this component different is it’s slim size, about 2.5 cm in height. An earlier version of the series can be found here

[Ken Ishiwata. Marantz opened it’s first branch in the Philippines way back 2004, they pulled out after around 2 years… sad. One Marketing Manager from Marantz that I met in Shangri-La, Jeroen Vandenhurk, said they will soon have a marketing arm here though]"


" The CD deck is actually a CD and an a DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) player in one, notice the front loading mechanisms for both."