RS-DC10 plays analog but no DCC

I have a RS-DC10 where the mechanism to slide the cover plate on a DCC cassette is not engaging.

PLAYS analog cassette (yeah).

CASS BLOCKED is the message; opened the cover and can verify the slide mechanism to move cassettes works (in-out); both belts on the right side (facing the player) are intact.

Sound level bar lights work.

Looking forward to any wisdom.

If analaog cassette is playing,the slider might be broken. It is the plastic/metal part on the left top of the mechanism. It will open the slider from the DCC shell. If it breaks the shell can’t be opened.

You can easily replace them yourself.

Ralf - Good morning!

Sounds like you have it figured out. Yeah!

Please look at the belts when it gets there and let me know if they need replacing as well.

Regards, Dan

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I have/had same issue with same unit, described here: Technics RS-DC10 "CASS BLOCKED" error

Up to this time I still use ducktape :slight_smile: