Questions regarding new bought cassettes

Dear All,

Once in a while I have luck with buying a couple of tapes. This time I had three special ones (i guess). But these special ones also raise questions. So I thought lets scan the tapes, info found on them and “drop” it over here :slight_smile: . Thanks for your response(s) in advance!

Symphonique Sanson (9031721395)
I saw this one has no Image on the DCC Museum All DCC Releases overview page. I hope the scan can provide that image. If quality is not good enough, let me know as i will make a better scan! Furthermore I have no idea if this a rare cassette or not.

The Muppet Move (74860/300192)
From this one I have no idea how rare it is (many copies made or not?). I created my own cover and booklet, but added all the detailed information marked on an attached paper (e.g. Korean textmode info and catalog number 74860/30019-2 which is also shown during title scrolling). This catalogue number slightly differs from the number mentioned on the All DCC Releases overview page.

The ultimate Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection - Essentials (Catalog Number 540025)
Also from this cassette I am not sure if this was an officially release or not as this one also came without any cover/booklet/etc. On Ebay this tape is offered by the DCC Museum, stating that it might not have the original cover/booklets. So are there officials releases know (meaning with all paper prints/booklet/etc.) or are these also a kind of test cassette or Philips copies (for employees) similar like the Supertramp one a found earlier?

Thanks all in advance for any response!


Download for better quality
DCC_Scan300dpi.pdf (4.9 MB)

Interesting finds. Congratulations. Here are my 2 cents.

It was official. They are pretty rare though. We have one with the original booklets and one from Philips that has similar artwork but is a copy. Happy to help if you need artwork. The Supertramp and Muppet are test versions for demonstration versions only.


Dear Ralf (Dr DCC),

Thanks for your informative reply, I really appreciate this!

Regarding Sell/Trade/Donate Symphonique Sanson (9031721395) I am willing to donate one if I had two versions :slight_smile: . Reason is that I like to collect DCC cassettes myself (~100 now) and consider each of them (normal, rare, cheap or expensive) as an personal gem! Unfortunately i don’t have multiple copies of the interesting ones. But you never know as I live near Eindhoven (Philips brand was popular), know many Ex Philips Research colleagues and check Marktplaats almost daily :clown_face: . So fingers crossed!

Regarding the art work for the The ultimate Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection - Essentials (Catalog Number 540025), I am interested. Not sure how you want to do this in terms of payment and/or transfer. So if you find some spare time, please inform me :grin: .


Hi John,

As luck follows the DCC Museum often, today was such a day. I already found the Sanson tape and it was free as well. We happily share any artwork we photograph with Patreons. I was sure you were one, but from your profile I can’t determine
Webber.pdf (338.6 KB)
that. Anyway. Here is a scan for you to print.

Dear Ralf,

Big thanks for the scan!


Hi Ralf,

i am missing the inlay card of my Nevermind of Nirvana. Would you be able to scan this too?

Bye, Herman

Happy to help.
Just send you a PM with Nirvana artwork.