PDM cassette need a new felt pad

I know that the first generation Philips cassetes need new felt pads and I experienced that myself.
But now I found out that also the PDM cassettes make that anoying squaking sound. Are there people who have this problem with PDM?
Going to change the felt pads also for the PDM’s.

Are there more type cassettes known for the squeaking problem?

None of my PDMs have done that to me yet, but that doesn’t surprise me. I think these, too, were OEMed by Philips, so for all intents and purposes they are 1st-generation Philips tapes, just in a different wrapper with different graphics. The cassette-shell and slipcase molding is identical to the Philips tapes, right down to the font used for the embossed lettering, and they both say “Made in Austria.”

(Ever since the issue came up in connection with the Supertape SD90s over on the Type of blank DCC tapes thread, I’ve been making it a point to examine my assortment of DCC tapes more closely, and I’m pretty much convinced at this point that there were really only two or three actual manufacturers of DCC tapes, and they just OEMed them to the other brands with different silkscreening and shrinkwraps.)

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Thanks for your reaction. I think that you could be right very well!