Type of blank DCC tapes

Is there on the forum, general interest for knowing what kind of blank DCC tapes there are?

A list with those marked with common problems would not be a bad idea, but I think it would belong at https://www.dccmuseum.com/cassettes.

The idea was as addition to the pre-recorded list.
But I wanna know first if there intrest.

For the pre-record there is a platform with you can add pictures and onther releaded information, called Discogs.

But for the black ones, there isn’t … as far as I know.
for ACC is this side http://vintagecassettes.com/index.htm

Yes, I am interested.

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@drdcc that’s a yes :wink:

This is the current index of know blank dcc bij the DCC Museum.
If you have any DCC to add, please infrom is at museumdcc@gmail.com with two clear picture’s

Thanks, Jorn


This is an example that we have been seen on the web but not in real live …

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Excellent collection
Please let me know if you use some of them and what’s your experience I have only Philips first and 2nd generation thx

Index Blank DCC Site.pdf (4,0 MB)

Here the current overview, that will put on the DCCmuseum Site in the future.

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Whats the problem with the less than good tapes, especially Panasonic ZETAZ RT-D90 and FUJI DCC-D90, which you deam Inadequate Till Good Recordings?

It seems that Japanese tapes have around 50% chance of a drop-outs in a recording. (at a full album & today)

This is also depending in type recorder, 3rd gen. and Marantz’s seems to gif the best results.

What I don’t know if the Japanese tapes where in basis less good or did not stand the test of time that wel.
Recordings that I made in the mid 90’s, had than no drop outs during playback.
But now they have during playback.

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Interesting. Would you advise me not to buy a Maxell DCC?

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If you can say that there is a bigger chance the you will have drop outs during a recording than for example a 2nd gen. Philips.

Couple of months ago I made a recording of 90min on a TDK (like a Maxell) from a Blu-ray. After playing multiple times and an I/O test. a 100% good score.

I got a couple of BASF Digital Maxima 90 and FUJI DCC-D90 with a recorder. All BASF were used, all FUJI unwrapped but unused, which could already be a sign that the previous owner was unhappy with them. Tried to record to the FUJI but dropouts every couple of seconds on all tapes. I was desperate to fix it, tried to use a vaccum cleaner on one of them, you see where this is going. After the inevitable happenend, I opened it up and took a close look at the tape still on the wheel, dents through the whole tape that cause the dropouts and on some peeling layer peeling off at the edge.

How about being more explicit about the concrete problems on the website? The felt thing on 1st gen Philips blanks is annoying, but can be fixed 100% of the time, this can’t be fixed.

Hi Max,

Used tapes are a concern, because you don’t know where they have been.
95% of mij used tapes are fine, I know what environment they have been in and I bought it myself back in the 90’s

The rating on the side is based on tape that are comming from the packaging, so NOS.
But if you bring it in perspective, it will gif a good idea what to expect form it to day.

But it contained a literal dent through the whole tape as one reason for dropouts, that must have come from the factory and was maybe less of a problem when the tape was more flexible in the 90s.

I think you are looking in the “wrong” direction.

Over time the property of the tape changes and effect is different!
It is a mechanical and organic process.

I can’t imagine a way this could have happened from top to bottom of the reel always on exactly the same spot without coming from the factory like this, all my FUJI seem to have that. I guess they came from the factory like this but the aging process made it cause dropouts on these spots.