No tracknumbers by copying cd to dcc tape

I just copied a cd to my DCC900 via CD SYNC but there are no tracknrs written on the tape and the first track does not show the time.

Can somebody explain what goes wrong?

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Hello Cornelis, and welcome.
Did you do the copy using a digital interface (optical or coax) or did you use the analogue input and output?


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Digital via coax

If you’re using a more recent optical disc player (such as a DVD player or Blu-Ray player), those often don’t send the track markers out through the digital output anymore.

Your best bet to automatically record the track markers is to use a CD player from the 1990s. And obviously you need to use a digital connection (coax or TOSlink doesn’t matter) and you need to set the recorder up to automatically record markers.

Also make sure you start recording from either the start of the tape, or from an area of the tape that’s already recorded. That way the DCC recorder will continue the time codes and will continue counting the track numbers correctly. The “Append” function can help with this.


Thank you Jac,

I copied from a Philips CD951 cd player. I think it has something to do with using a tape which had already a recording on it. I have re-recorded the whole tape beginning with the start of the tape. The Append however did not work so I manually searched the start of the brown tape, put the tape in the deck and started via the Rec Pause- CD sync- Rec.

The recording is on side A and B. The reverse from A to B during recording works perfect, but I aspected at the end of the recording, when the cd stops, a reverse marker to be set but this did not happen. How can I put a marker in place that after the last track recorded, the tape goes back to track 1?


I am not sure that is the right procedure. To record the tape ‘as-new’, that is certainly not entirely correct.
I have written for myself a Quick Reference Guide for recording to a DCC. As I have several models, and the procedure is different for each model, I follow this guide or else I will get confused :smiley:

I will share it here:
So maybe that can be of help. I am updating it regularly when I improve or correct it.

Now, for your original problem, to have correct track markers written with the correct track numbers etc. there are several solutions. The best is to initialise a tape as new using my QRG.
An analogue copy will make tracks/write track markers when silence is detected. This will not work when the music is continous, as in many of the albums that I have. You can write markers manually while recording (DCC600 for example) or do it later. Please refer to your manual of your DCC model on how to do that.
A digital copy should work, but as @Jac pointed out, some players do and some do not work. All my CD players fortunately work.


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Hmmm the CD 951 should be compatible, it was made in the same time as the DCC 951.

I wonder if your 9th head isn’t working or something. That would explain all those symptoms.

While you record the tracks through the digital cable, does the “mark” indicator on the DCC recorder light up at the beginning of a CD track?

Also have you tried more than one tape?

=== Jac

All, it seems that you need some practice to record on DCC!! I must say that all marker functions are clear now for me and my DCC900 works fine. I have copied the first cd’s to DCC. Now I need to think about making nice covers.

Thanks again. Love this forum and the willingness to help eachother.

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Is it possible to start on the B side with nr track nr 1,or is the nummering always a continuity from side A?

Yes that is possible. I have several tapes with two albums, one on each side. I forgot how to do it though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

You’ll have to read the manual I’m afraid.

=== Jac

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Jac, that is exactly what I want to do. Album 1 on side A. Album 2 on side B.
What is the situation? I have copied a cd album on side A. At the end of the album on side A I have set a marker A>B. Now I want to copy another cd on side B, but no trackingnrs are not placed. I have the time copied ok, but tracknrs are lacking.

DCC900 manual does not give info on this.

If anybody had some experience how to do this, let me know.

And yes still learning, but it is so much fun!


Silly question but did you start the recording with a Lead In?

Like @Fretlessfender says, if you want to put a 2nd album on side B, unrelated to side A, then start fresh with a lead in on side B. Then, it should be ok.
Also, check that track 9 is working ok, because that is where the auxiliary data is written.


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@pvdm I’m sorry, you have to explain yourself. What about track nine? Is that universal or just by this example?

He is referring to the 9th track of the DCC head, not an audio track.

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Yes, @Max is correct. I come from (analogue) reel to reel tape recorders, where you have 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24 track heads :smiley: .

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Hahaha… okay… I see!