Broken sound with recorded tapes on DCC900, prerecorded tapes play fine

Since this morning things are going worse concerten self recorded dcc tapes. My DCC player gives no sound anymore with cassettes thata gave a untill this morning a perfect playback sound. One tape gives a very disturbed sound. Pre- recorded dcc tapes play well This playback problems occur with all tapes I recorded from cd’s myself.

Anybody an idea what is going wrong?

Hi @Cornelis, since this does not precisely have to do with handling track-numbers, I put your posts in this new thread.

Is it recapped?

Hopefully, you did not store all your recorded tapes on a strong magnet?

For sure the tapes were not stored within the neighbourhood of a strong magnet.

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DCC900, like all 1st generation DCC recorders, have a severe problem with the capacitors. They always need to be replaced. If this was never done on your machine, you should unplug it right now and replace the capacitors or let someone replace them:

They are all replacement by a professional last year december.

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Maybe head alignement changed a little.

@Jac Any idea what could lead to such a sudden problem?

It could be cleaning of the head or belts. Possibly pinch rollers.
If your pre-recorded play well. Do not adjust anything at head alignment.

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Do you hear anything strange apart from the obvious. Is the motor acting up? Like going up or down in pitch?

No, motor sound good. I am going to clean it, like Ralph advises. See what happens.

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Did the cleaning helped?

It was a strange problem. I did not use the player for a day or two as I was a little disappointed. But two days later I played the same cassettes again and the problem was gone!!
Still I do not understand what has happened but everything is going ok for some weeks now. Started to copy a lot of cd’s and the machine works perfect. Also I am getting more experienced so it is a lot of fun!

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Hi Cornelis,
Could be something with tapespeed. Next time when this happens, you could (by exception) shortly play a high quality analog cassette, just to listen to and possibly notice anything wrong with the speed/wow/flutter.

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