New album for pre order

Just sharing a title that is currently for pre order. Have to admit not my style of music but so awesome they are having a pre order DCC:)


Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a link?
It is a home copy on a regular recordable dcc. No barcode either?
Anyone can do It like this, but if they have the rights it is surely great to have more official music on dcc.

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Looks like that came from here:

It refers to this page on Bandcamp

Ancient Fan Death Studios - a new US-based signalwave/broken transmission producer presents their debut album “Late Night Sci-Fi” which is laid out like a program of futuristic technology.

Each track on this album is about technology that has changed our lives (CD’s, the internet, mobile phones, etc) and designed like a half hour program, complete with program segments and commercials. The samples are composed of commercials, television segments, and a few 80’s new age and ambient songs. Samples containing the discussion about mostly outdated technology like digital compact cassettes, minidiscs, laserdiscs etc add nostalgic tone and make this album look like an incoming transmission from the future which was recorded on audiocassette.

The album has been mastered by Angel Marcloid (aka Fire-Toolz, Mindspring Memories) who is known for her incredible sound-engineering skills plus also known as one of the most inspiring underground artists nowadays.

I haven’t listened to it yet.


Thanks Gidion!

=== Jac


That is the link.

I have ordered a copy for the museum


I ordered one as well, could be the cheapest starting price of any commercial album, ever. Nice concept and I’m into electronic music, so a no brainer.

Edit: Interesting that they don’t do a release on MiniDisc, despite mentioning it, too.
@drdcc Are there any known DCC talking about DCC or is this a first?

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I am not sure I understand the question.

It is build with samples of commercials, including a sample of a DCC commercial. Do you know of any commercial (or otherwise prerecorded) tapes with a commercial or anything else talking about DCC?

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I have contacted them. I do not know of anyone else that did this in the last 20 years.
The printing technique is also used on regular cassettes and MD, but they are not using the pre-recorded format but recordable tapes.

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The tape contains a sample from a DCC commercial. Are there any DCCs with promotional material speaking about DCC or similar?

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Maybe, I am not sure. We have some, but I believe those were for in store usage.
Philips archival is very strict about this, so we will find out about copy right problems after the release.

Ordered one as well, for a little under 20euro its a cool little oddity.
Must say im kinda liking this wierd “music”


Sorry forgot to mention the link in my original post but I see we have a detective among us and easily found the release. :slight_smile:
We probably just increased their monthly sales by 200%


Aaaaaand, they are gone!

Does anyone know how limited this “Limited edition” is?

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The gorgeous light s team always sells heaps of cassette s and they seem to be always sold out. So am not surprised:)

These are the guys doing the fabrication

Well that is what my understanding is. Although the link is for master DCC to normal cassette

Any case this company specialises in small run production from cassette to minidisc

From the creator

“Thank you, I absolutely appreciate it! I hope you all enjoy. I didn’t actually duplicate the tapes myself. There is a company in the UK called BandCD’s that is helping me do this. They also had the capability to do the on-body printing for the tapes. I would certainly love to be a be able to create these on my own. I personally only own a Philips DCC 130, which is a play only. Would like to do future releases on DCC as well, but I know supplies of DCC tapes are limited. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to check us out and reaching out!”


Thank you for reaching out to them and sharing the response! So, it will likely be a normal User-Tape, but still amazing that anyone besides us even tried. Hope that they at least add proper track markers.

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Wow it’s already sold out! :open_mouth: :pensive:

Will have to listen to it on the digital download, i really like this thing about history about life changing technologies! :cd:

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How can they promise exact tape length?

-edit- oh probably just for ACC.

I arranged a meeting with the Artist today and received More info from the company printing the shell as well. Will keep you updated soon.


Talked to Evan today. Great passion for music and the dcc format.
The limited edition was 35 and most likely there will not be another run as the cost price of the release is much higher than $15. We will try and do a follow up video interview when the album is released.


Would be awesome to see more albums released on DCC.

Would happily pay a fair price. Whatever that might look like. Still great that there are people out there wanting to release music on dcc