DCC450 (with a LDU1000 mechanism, same as DCC600 etc.) not working after gear replaced

I have an issue with the mechanism of my DCC450. It uses the 2nd generation LDU1000 mechanism from DCC300, DCC600 etc. I know this mechanism very well because I have fixed those mechanisms quite often, but now I have a question.
I have replaced the orange gear with a new gear, because it was broken.

After repair, the deck still won’t wind or play, and it makes the sound of a small motor running freely. The gear is mounted on a swing arm (I do not know the correct term for this mechanism) and is supposed to swing left or right according to the current operation. My guess is that the arm does not stay fully left or right during operation so the gear is not fixed against the other gears and stays freely in the middle and therefor there is no tape movement. I do not know how to explain it more clearly sorry.

I am quite sure that it must be something simple, something I forgot to do or something, but right now I am stuck. The gear is in its correct place as far as I can see.

Here is a video of another user who had the same problem (same noise).

Managed to capture a small video of the problem. The white gear is rotating, but the (new) red gear isn’t locking.

Is the spring correctly placed back, when mounting the upper and lower part back together?

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You mean this part?

That one looks ok.
How about these 3? Installed correctly?

Ralf, I have put the deck aside for the time being.
I will report back when I resume the work on it.

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