DCC 600 tape not moving, making a winding sound

Hi guys. I have a DCC 600 that is not playing tapes. It makes a winding sound in both Reverse and Forward and when you press play it tries side A then side B and stops but the tape does not move. I created a video. Is this the problem with the gear that breaks on these players?


The link is not working.

Sorry. Try this one


Did you check the belt? Otherwise it could be the gear.

Yes, the belt is nice and tight and I was able to turn watch it spin.

Maybe the tape is broken inside the shell?


No. It does that with all tapes.

I have had the same problem on my DCC300. It’s broken the plastic gear under the mechanism, it must be replaced. I have replace mine and now it works perfectly.

Ralf sent me a new gear and success! It was the gear!


Hi! I think I have exactly the same problem. I wanted to play a tape, but the tape was coming out of the cassette a little. The sound is rattling at first, but now it is exactly like in the video. So I guess no doubt anymore that my DCC 600 gear is broken too. I have electronics repair experience, but I’m a little afraid that I can’t get things together anymore when I replace the gear.

Mine had broken gear so ordered new replacement.