DCC 900 - Cass Blocked

Hi ,
I’m new on this site, nice to find this community !
I just discover DCCmuseum looking for a solution for mine DCC 900.
The problem is the following: when I load a cassette it displays “Cass Blocked” and the front door re-open.
I wish I could show a video , but I don’t see the option to upload it.
thanks for any kind of support or help in advance

Most likely is the slider mechanism on the top left of the mechanism broken. This is a relatively easy fix as we have this part available.

You can check by opening the machine.

Hi ,
the mechanism it self works fine , I opened the DCC.
The problem is the error on the display
Is there a way to upload a video ?

I bumped your trust-level, now you can.

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When you do this, is there a cassette inside the tray?
If yes, then the plastic part might still be defect. You will need to open the player to check.

I did try with several different cassette.
You think I would need to umount the block ?

This might not be the plastic part as this only affects dcc.

Check the belts

I Can see only the belt on the right from top, the belt for the open/close mechanism
There are more ?

On the right side there are two belts just for the tray.

Can see just one

Are there any video showing how to unmount and check ?

Start watching this at around 3 minutes. Design of your player is the same.

The other belt is hidden here.

No, it works fine only for normal cassette. For DCC it does not slide anymore the slider, thus the message. Check my older topic with the same problem:

What I see, another DCC900 preproduction sample! You’re a lucky guy catched this unit!

Sorry for asking but how can you identify a preproduction sample?

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Look at the color of boards and the shape of the top metal part of the tape drive mechanism and compare them to images of production units, you see the difference. From the other side Ralf had already posted video with a working preproduction sample on YouTube, you see then the similarities. I have such a unit too and see lot of similarities.