1994 made portable

Just for sharing

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Did you forget an attachment? :slight_smile:

Did not work on my iphone

I have the same problem: can’t attach anything from Android. Someone should look into that; I suspect it’s a bug in the forum software.

@Max can you look into this. @Jorn and @Jac had problems attaching pictures from their phone.

What is it with you and feet in pictures hahahaha.
Why was there a handle on the front as well?

Btw, this is the infamous DCC130 in the dccmuseum and documentary that lasted 2000 hours and still is working.


Yes it’s the 2000 hour player.

The handel in the front is for protection of volume control and to fitt easy to the back of a bicycle.

The photos are also form the 90’s.
And back then I wore still white socks.

Done, seems to work now.


Some explanation.
In de middel is de battery compartment.
Left en Right are speaker cabinets, with bass reflex pipes.
On back left is the 2*30w car amplifier.
On back right is the voltage regulator from 12v to 5v.

Note this thing sounded as good as it gets.