Your favorite album (avalaible on DCC)

Hello all,

I open this new topic because I wanted to know

  • what’s your favorite album that your own on DCC tape,
  • the one that is available on DCC but you don’t own (yet?)
  • and the one you would like to see being released on DCC, even if the label is Sony Music. :smiley:

Well, let’s start with my albums…

  • A DCC that I just bought : BLACK SHEEP : “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”, a really great rap album by a underrated band from US.

  • The DCC that I would really really have (but expensive…) : MC SOLAAR : “Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo”. One of the best album of this french rapper.

  • Never released on DCC : KIM WILDE : “Select”.

I’m waiting for your suggestions…!


The Favorite album; Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The one we did not get…… the remaining 300 lol
The one we would like to be released on DCC…. Michael Jackson - Thriller

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Aw I thought you almost had all the DCC never released (just 10-20 missing), so good luck in your search.

And yes, Michael Jackson is a really cool choice, but I wonder if Sony Music would be agree to let the DCC museum release this album on DCC lol.

There is always hope. Sony Music Europe allowed us to release Ben Liebrand on DCC.

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  1. Donald Fagen - The Nightfly
  2. Prince - Purple Rain
  3. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here


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I think we had a similar topic before but that’s alright :slight_smile: .

The tape that I played most often was my mix tape that I played in the car on my DCC824 car stereo. I had an Iomega Jaz drive on my computer and I used my DCC730 and my DCC175 to fill an entire 1 GB disk up with CD singles in my collection. I bought a lot of CD-singles in those days and used DCC Studio to make a mix tape out of them. When I got tired of the tape, or when the tracks got too predictable while I was playing the tape, I just went into DCC Studio and changed the compilation file to remove some tracks and add some other ones. So the tape changed all the time back then. I still have it.

A release that I would like to hear on DCC is Thunderstorm, a disco band from the Netherlands in the early 1980s. Back then, I had a copy of their album on cassette but it sounded horrible. I had copied it from a tape from the public library and I suspect that someone once made a copy on a bad cassette deck and returned the copy to the library while they kept the original. Some (maybe all?) of the songs are on YouTube but unfortunately they sound just as bad as my tape, in exactly the same way. Maybe whoever posted them on YouTube also had a copy of the same tape that I had, or maybe the master tape was really that bad.


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