Which DCC player should you be buying next?

We have created this survey to assist you in your journey getting your first (or next dcc player).


A video explaining our preferences and possibilities can be found here:

The survey seems to be stuck (loop) when I chose by Regular Size->price-> play and recording (loop)

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Could be a cookie setting. I have the same on safari, but it Works on Chrome.

It will not run on any browser. I have tried them al. Regular Size → by Price → Playback and recording (loop)


Tried this for the first time. Same problem as Jos. When choosing “Playback and Recording”, the questionnaire seems to get in a loop.
When choosing “Playback only” (two times because of the loop), the questionnaire returns to “Choose a category to start”.
Erasing cookies does not make a difference.


The survey is indeed no longer working correctly.

If anybody has a better alternative, please let us know.