What about DAT recorder forum

Are you allowed to talk about DAT here?
I feel like it might not be so appropriate to raise this question in a DCC forum, but you guys are my only hope when it comes to these things.
Is there any (still alive) dedicated DAT forum (like this for DCC) that someone can recommend?
The ones I found are all old.

Just to clarify:
This is by no-means an affront to DCC.
I love the DCC format :smile:

This is a DCC forum. Talking about DAT is okay if it’s in relationship to DCC, but we’re all here for DCC, not DAT. We have nothing against DAT (and the DCC Museum has a rare Philips DAT recorder on display) but we don’t want this place to be overrun by DAT related posts. Nevertheless, if you have anything interesting to say about DAT that DCC users might want to hear, you’re welcome to post it.

A long time ago there was a forum called the DAT Heads. I don’t think that exists anymore but there is something called the Tape Heads, and there’s a Facebook group called DAT Heads.

There is a lot of information about DAT available online. Google is your friend.


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Thank you for taking your time answering.
I fully respect this.
I just did what ABBA did… took a chance :smile:

If you’re looking for help with DAT stuff… have you tried tapeheads.net? They have a “ones and zeroes” forum on their message board for digital tape stuff, and it seems to attract a fair number of DAT-heads. :slight_smile:

“Does your mother know?” :smile:



Well, if it’s about the DAT850 and DAT880 I think it might not pose a problem.

They were te machines that led Philips to develop a more sexy and marketable format than DAT

IMHO these machines do belong in the DCC history

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Why don’t you give me a call? :smiley:

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Take a chance on me…

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