Used DCC tapes stops recording

A newbie question😬! If I record a Spotify tracklist on a new DCC tape, everything goes splendid. But if I use a used DCC tape, after almost two tracks recording the tape stops recording.

Must I do something with a pre-recorderd tape if I want to overwrite it? Thanx!


Hi and welcome.

Do all tapes do that? How many have you tested?

Are you using a digital or analog input?

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3 of the old tapes (than I stopped with testing). Optical (from a Xbox - recording Spotify).
With a new tape there is no problem.

Then the felt pad could be bad. It is easy to replace them. We have them in the shop.

The tape could also be dirty/damaged. You can visually check to see if you can see anything.
You would have slightly rewind the tape by hand on the moment the tape has stopped recording to inspect.