Upgrading DCC 730

Hello, lately I’ve been getting into upgrading my hifi equipment, replacing capacitors etc (rega planet CD player, ear and Cyrus 2 amp, with not bad results).
I had a look inside the DCC 730 to see if any improvements could be made. I see the main board is populated with Elna RE3’s and RE2’s along with NKL capacitors (which I’ve never heard of).

I wanted to look at the daughter board supplying the front outputs but couldn’t figure out how to remove the front of the player as a whole (I was afraid of causing damage) any ideas on how to remove it? I removed all screws on the outside, could see more on the inside of the front panel but left those alone, the 2 securing the panel to the bottom of the player were also removed.

Back to the capacitors and other components, has anyone upgraded any , with Elna Silmic 2’s for example, and are there better alternatives to the NKL’s.

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Hello Desmo! Welcome at the forum of the DCC Museum. I’m sure someone will soon help you with your question, in the meanwhile take a look at the DCC730 service manual at Philips DCC730 | DCC Museum , if you hadn’t already found it. It might help!

Welcome to the forum! I moved your post to the appropriate section.

Did you replace the pinch rollers, belts and the gear yet? If not, I would invest in the lifetime of the deck and your tapes before trying to upgrade it somehow.

I am not a fan of trying to replace perfectly good capacitors. You may find joy in building a DIY high end DAC, there are plenty of projects on the internet with high-end components at a much lower price than prebuilt.

The DCC730 usually still mostly works without the need to fix anything, if it was maintained and stored well. You may need to replace the belts and the idler gear but even if the gear is broken, it will probably run for years without replacing it (my 730 did anyway).

Before you ask: The main board has some brown “goop” around the electrolytic capacitors. That’s not a sign of leakage; it’s just glue that they used in the factory to keep the caps stuck on the board.

Replacing the capacitors in a DCC730 is usually not necessary.


Yes I noticed the brown goo and did wonder, as for the DAC I already have an Audiolab MDAC+ so I don’t really need another, good suggestion though. The deck has lain unused for years (I’ve had it from new, just hardly used it), thought I might try a few things with it … but I’m beginning to think its components aren’t that bad to begin with.
One thing I would like to do though, the top case shell is showing signs of corrosion (white 'splotches that will not clean off), any suggestions for a decent paint job, if anyone has done so already. I have airbrushes just not the quantity of paint heh.

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Pinch rollers are the most important, they can damage tapes if dried out. Even if they look good, don’t risk any tapes. Belts can become a problem, if you are recording you should replace them. If you don’t hear a rattling sound when winding and re-winding the gear can wait.

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Are these parts you guys stock and would you shop to the UK?

@drdcc offers them to Patrons of the DCC Museum among other benefits and yes he ships to the UK.

Otherwise there are other suppliers except for the gear in Europe.

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Hi @Desmo , if you search through some of my posts you will see I have resprayed two dcc730 covers. I used wet and dry to flat the surface down ( I took mine to bare metal), grey acrylic primer then top coats of Simoniz tough satin black.

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