Three 2nd gen mechanisms with three different problems

I have 2 DCC300 (1 none-working, 1 semi-working) and 1 DCC600 (analog only), replaced the belts and cleaned the head and pinch rollers and now I have three different problems:

  1. No cassette and when holding the sensor on the outside, analog tape will get detected as digital

  2. Playing for 3 seconds analog and then switching the side or stopping

  3. Still not moving despite having a new belt, crackling noises that something might be stuck, could be the gears

And I, unfortunately, broke one spindle holder plastic piece, but I think I could glue that back together.

Do you think it would make sense to give up one of the mechanisms already for parts or not?

2 and 3 might indeed be the gears.
Is 1 the one not playing dcc before?


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  1. was playing digital with occasional droputs, because of blue gunk, was a hilarious drop under the head, maybe from a cleaning cassette, thank god it was no demagnitisation cassette.

  2. Played analog tapes without noticible problems, the error rates for digital on the heads was fluctuating which means it was not one dead track on the head and it should be okay.

  3. Did nothing in the beginning, did suspect the belt, but still nothing

Do you think removing the gears without having a replacement to inspect them closely if it is the problem makes sense or should I replace them in doubt?

You can remove the gears for inspection. You can always see the damage clearly.

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  1. The soft gear is perfectly fine, the left sprocket is stuck, does not move, the right one moves nicely and when holding the arm to the gear, the gear spins, too.
  1. Got it to move as it should, will reassemble it later.
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