The Start of the DCC Tape

Before i start my next DCC journey i better ask in the forum. Let´s say i have an issue with some DCC tape (which i actually have). I have 11 songs recorded, and only the beginning of song 1 gives me some dropouts. I tried to clean the tape, i can’t see anything on the tape nor does it seem to be damaged). So let’s say the cleaning proces is not a solution.
Now i want song 2 to be song 1 so the tape starts at song 2 (which i renumber to song 1). At the start of side A we now can go to the number one song (with the forward command +1), and we are all happy campers. Up to now i didn’t figure this one out with the ‘edit’ functions there are (split track, connect tracks, renumber). Maybe somebody figured this one out ?

There are a few possibilities:

  1. You could try a hack:
    -Make a note of at what timecode the track 2 starts.
    -Rewind the tape to the absolute beginning of side A, so that the (clear) leader tape is visible when you pull back the slider.
    -without writing a 'lead-in’, start recording silence immediately by pressing RECORD/REC MUTE or whatever it is called on your deck (it varies at the different models). This ensures that the start marker is written on the leader tape and is therefor lost. Continue the recording.
    -STOP a few (5?) seconds before you reach the timecode from the first step.

Now you have a tape where there is NO start marker at the start, followed by some unimportant data (silence), and the first marker on the tape is your track 2 marker. When you load the tape later, one push on the NEXT button is enough to go to the 2nd track.

  1. This one is probably better and easier. Remove the marker at track no1:
    -press STOP when the MARKER is lit on the display when in PLAY at the position of the marker for track1
    -press MARK ERASE (DCC600). The deck will erase the marker.
    -on other models the procedure may be different, check the user manual.

You end up with basically the same as the first solution.

  1. There is the possibility of a SKIP marker.
    so you basically should probably replace the START marker of track 1 with a SKIP marker
    -unfortunately I have no experience with that. The screenshot comes from the manual of a DCC175 page 16.

It is always fun to try and experiment. Have fun!


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Im gonna study this answer thoroughly (and buy a dcc600 :slight_smile: ) im gonna let you know how things went.
And thanks for your study on this subject and sending everybody to work on it !!
Big thumbs up !