The cheapest and best USB -> S/PDIF Coax solution

I am sharing this because I am used to it but some of you may still be connecting your PC or phone via 3.5mm jack to RCA to your DCC recorder.

Nowadays, few laptops still have S/PDIF and none have coax. This board by LC Technology based on the Texas Instruments PCM2707 does not need any drivers on any platform, works out of the box on Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and on mobile iOS and Android. It supports 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz each at 16 Bit.

It outputs S/PDIF Coax and analog over a 3.5mm jack at the time and the S/PDIF output is unaffected by volume control and muting of the 3.5mm jack.

And it comes at less than 8€ or 10 USD here, but there are plenty of other sellers:


Nice tip, but keep in mind: HDMI also has S/PDIF.

There are many cheap solutions to convert HDMI to DVI + coax/optical. Google for “HDMI to SPDIF adapter” (without the quotes) and you’ll find lots of them, all under $30. The hard part is to tell Windows to output in PCM 44.1 or 48 kHz format.

=== Jac


Hello to you all dcc users.
I read this writing about the usb to spdif
And my question is: Is there a unit converting audio to spdif. One you can use stand-alone.
So a friend of me can use it to poor audio into his second input-channel on his m-audio interface as spdif.
Thanks in advance, Dian from the Netherlands.

I had one a long time ago. It was a Creative.


Hello thanks for the answer, Do you mean a converter a cheap one, what was the name of the creative.
Otherwise i am looking for a (maybe broken) DCC recorder that, put into (analog) recording state can do the job. So convert audio to digital and feed this to the m-audio’s spdif input.
Thanks, Dian

If you are talking about analog audio input, you need an analog to digital converter, you can search for “adc spdif” on amazon and find one.

Yeah, thanks man that’s what i was looking for, first thought of a teensy 4.0 with audio adaptor board. Or a DCC rec. but this is way better, Dian

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