Technics RS-DC8 Spare Parts

Good day to all and best regards.

I am new here and would like to thank you first for this great site with all the contributions. I am very attached to my devices, but they have been broken for a long time and now they are to be repaired.

For the Technics RS-DC8 I need the capacitors that were replaced in the great repair video from the DCC Museum, as well as the gear. I have already ordered The drive belt.

Does anyone have tips for me which capacitors I should buy, so that the quality is also right? Where can I buy the gear?

Thanks for your help in advance

Greetings from Switzerland

Hi and welcome to this amazing forum!
As soon as you have the transport out of the recorder you can see the ten smc components. On top of these you can note the values.
It is adviceable to exchange those caps with through hole caps because the possible leaking of the smc’s may have weakened the pads.
Write down the values and order them by your local electronic parts store or the DCC MUSEUM.

Good luck with your restauration, and don’t hesitate to ask if you run into trouble or are in doubt of something…

Thank you very much Fretlessfender. Is it possible to order the gear and the capacitors at the DCC museum and what does it cost inclusive transport?

You can contact us @ [email protected] for info about the parts