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i have a Technics RS-DC 10. all capacitor have been replace, and i buy those capacitor from DCC Museum, after replace the analog cassette play sound beautiful but DCC tape no sound or VU meter moving, i try record to DCC tape, the input Vu meter moving when song is playing, but replay what been record no sound or Vu meter moving. does someone have a same problem like what i have. please help me how to fix it.
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hai tran

Unfortunately a common problem.

The Side A-B via’s, shown in our Technics RSDC10 video need to be checked, there could also be other problems electronically.

The common case could be a tape head (probability up to 70%). Please check the DCC tracks during playing back prerecorded tape in the SERVICE MODE. In order to enter the service mode, switch off the unit, then press and hold both STOP and forward PLAY buttons and switch power on. Than insert a prerecorded tape and play it. Than using of counter button switch to ALL ERR RATE display. You see now on the display the state of every individual tape head channel. If the tape head and amplifier chip work correctly, all those positions show 0, the display looks like 00 00000000. If one or more positions shows F or another symbol other than 0, the corresponding channel is damaged.


I don’t know what to look but I included the picture of the All Rate services. So you can see and tell me what goes with my desk. I try to play the same tape by eject and loaded it back in. But not repeat play with audio.

Can DCC record both directions?

If the first picture is taken with a prerecorded tape (known to be 100% good), and the tape head is clean, then the head or amplifier has those bad channels where you see F. That means the time code channel (the left most) as well as 3 first audio channels are dead. Next would be to check if it the head or the amplifier chip.

I have no idea. But I push the head down and work for now. I Thinh It needs a hard alignment, not a chip issue. All capacitors have been replacing bought from the DCC museum.

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Hai Tran

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If you push on the head and the audio channels change from F to 0, someone has misaligned the head.

You can do it in service mode while playing a pre-recorded tape.

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I have a weir player ( Technics dc 10) I tested recorded and play for about 3 hours. I reject the tape out. It feels hot and pushes the tape back in again. The count flicking and no sound or skip sound. Turn off and wait a while and test again.

Did you replace the pinch rollers?

I did not yet. Do you who sells them? Please give me the link to buy it. Thank you

We have new pinch rollers at the dcc museum. Contact us for more details at [email protected]

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DCC tape supposes to record 1 side only. Or can he record both sides like analog tape? without a problem when playback. I mean. Thank you

Both side are recordable

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