Technics repair

Hi everyone
Friend of mine repair two audio boards for me he tested everything was working he sends me I installed in my Technics rsdc10 and I have audio but only on analog cassette no signal on digital cassette
Any suggestions thx

How did he test it? If both boards were working in his player (That is why I am asking how did he test it) and the do not in your player, it would be strange.

Start with cleaning the head and pinch rollers and see if that helps.

Hi dr DCC
He tested on Philips 900
He recapped boards one more time and replace bigger board I clean head pinch rollers last night for short time I have noise like short wave radio but no solid audio I think maybe this ribbon cable have bad connection thx

If both boards are playing on his DCC900 and are originally from your Technics, then there might be indeed a problem with the cable or in worse case scenario the head.