Teac Tascam new analog decck

Hi everyone
Today I like to share some information about new deck made by Tascam model CD A580 last year man from YouTube channel VWestlife make review of new Tascam model 202 MKVll this review watch over 860000 people amazing this year Tascam made another brand new model with CD and USB
I think will be great idea to contact Tascam human relationship and ask them about Future model with DCC player https://youtu.be/2Jc8K9qutds

Another news I like to share is information about new standards for Hi Resolution audio some Japanese agency took this in own hands and looks like new standard will be 24 bits 96 kHz so if museum like to make new tapes in near future this will be the customer standard for Hi Res

I edited analog in the title to avoid confusion.

DCC is/was Philips proprietary and a commercial failure. On the other hand MCs were open to anyone and a massive success. I appreciate your interest, but you have to acknowledge that DCC is more of a nieche hobby than a practical mass format. DCC also uses lossy compression, so it definetely won’t be an option for todays high res audiophiles.

Hi Max
Definitely I can’t help Jack to highjack his DCC and make improvements adding controllers changing mpg1 to different format and make other changes that can revolutionize this player but I don’t exclude changes that make DCC top choice for audio enthusiasts
I would love to see new demo player with high tech
Futures people getting excited about regular analog cassettes why not get excited about changes and long term plans with DCC

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