Sticky shed?


Does anyone know if the blue wrapped philips dcc tapes (later types) suffer from sticky shed syndrome?

Mine, before the player died, did squeak, I did clean the pressure pad with iso until it was completely clean but the tape still appears to squeal. Are there other pressure pads inside the tape - and how do you disassemble these tapes? They look fused.


Some new tapes even suffer from the stick slip effect. It all depends on storage as well.

The main felt pad can be cleaned (middle), but there are two felt pads hidden inside that can’t be reached without opening the case.


Hi @Mark_Neilson, I just noticed your answer via e-mail, we currently don’t support that.

Hi Ralf

Thanks for posing me the tape and chip.

Have you guys ever adjusted the matching of the pb/rec amp to a head?

The manual specifies that it’s factory jigged to match head to board. I notice there are waveforms that you can observe through an oscilloscope. I have done CD player eye pattern alignments in the past.

Is it a reasonably straight forward procedure?

Also if I find that the head is in fact failed do you guys have spares?

It should be fine however - I suspect I got the chip too hot with my heat gun and that’s what killed it.


Matching heads to boards is about write current and has nothing to do with waveforms. @drdcc is currently making a video about that.

I don’t know which recorder and chip(s) you are talking about, could you explain in more detail?

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