Sound Quality

After a surprising moment (2018, after many years not having played a dcc in a portable)

Today I have compared the DCC 130, DCC 175, AudioQuest Dragon Fly (USB DAC) and my Iphone.
Test headphones a Denon over- & inear.

My personal rating (100=max) is as following:

  1. DCC 130 (88)
  2. DCC 175 (85)
  3. USB DAC (80)
  4. Iphone (65)

If you or someone has any detail question, let me know.


Interesting and surprising results.
Can you try and explain the small difference between the 130 and 175 in words?


yes I will try,

There in my opinion only a difference with the over ear headphones.
At low level the sound stages decrease less.

In both dcc players must be a great headphone amplifier!


How would you rate your DCC600 and DCC730?


My humble opinion it’s worth making copies (mix-tapes) to play this in your portable, and listen with your Hifi headphone, in your relaxing chair!

@david.desclos, @drdcc, @rolf

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@drdcc and I, did a test with a 18bit tape two years a go.
There we use two the same headphones and 91 and two 730.
There where not direct noticeable differences between de players, sound quality is good.

I know from personal experience that the DD82 & 92 sounds better that these philips player.

Soon I will put this to the test, other dcc enthusiast can share there experience two?

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Which one do you take outdoors more the dcc130 or the dcc175?

Both sure are beautiful players

The 175 is not mine, borrowed it for this test. Thanks to @rolf
So it’s the 130 is usually used for a trip or vacation, with my head phone or in setup below.

@GidionDehaan How do you used yours ?

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I use mine generally with a pair of earbuds made by a guy in Hong Kong or noble earphones

Do love my dcc170

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As promised, I would do a test for the DD82 & DD92.

I my opinion the DAC7 makes the biggest difference in sound quality.
A couple years ago I have bought a Teac D-T1, this is a multi source dac and has the same DAC as the DD’s.

Together with the DCC 130, Denon headphone and the same DCC tape.

And my experience is the sound is even more smoothly, so you can easier define the individual instruments.
In points 93.

@Max @drdcc @GidionDehaan @rolf @melduforx


I think that Philips bitstream converters are far superior compared to modern compact USB solutions. I use DCC mostly in a studio environment sometimes only as a DAC to output the analoque signal in the mixer and than to the DAW.
The quality is almost arrogant, supersede iphone and galaxy S9 by miles…

Those cheap DACS are no match for Bitstream, even after all those years…


What stands out for me is that when I record a vinyl on either the 951 or the 175 there is no difference…
The best record I have is Raccoon, Spijt Is Iets Voor Later, the Artone sessions.
That is a special record because it is a direct cut! So the mix of the band went straight to the cutting head into the wax!
Recorded though both recorders the results turned out the same… @Jorn told us in the documentary that he thought DCC was the best way to record a vinyl record… And he was not lieing! The thing is (and that is very special) that DCC has no sound of it’s own… it adapts to it’s source… some very special speakers do the same as do headphones…
Speaking of wich… those headphones of the portables are stunningly awesome! We lost a lot in present time compared with the days dcc was actual…

Has DCC been overtaken?
Well… solid-state recorders are damn good! But given the state of the art, and what is really needed for reproduction of sound, I don’t think so…
DCC is and will ever be the best way possible to capture analog sound within the bandwith…
Ofcourse 195khz 24bits sounds great! But not that big of a difference… I have experience with both, and I could forget about it…

But than again I am old and quit deaf! :rofl:

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Thanks for sharing your experice too,
I do like your idea of that dcc has no sound of his own, can connect with that as well.

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Well, I personally am a great fan of the old Ladder converters TDA1541 et al.
Since I started with DCC and collecting Philips 800 series stereo components, I now have
both players and amps with TD154x or with bitstream.

Personally I like my 80’s music on 154x’s like the CD614, and the CDD882+DFA888
Modern music I play more on Bitstreamdevices like my CD850.

The main house stereo is a Marantz SR7000 with CD6000, CD6000 OSE and CD614
connected. Also I have a Marantz DD-82 and Philips DAT850 as digital tape devices.

In the office I usually use the CDD882 or the CD850. For a while I used a DCC 600 als a DAC to my CDD882.
That led me to buying a CD850. And I seem to more and more use that than te 882+DFA888.

In the living room I usually use the CD6000 OSE for analogue to amp and the CD6000 for digital to amp. The 614 is wired for both and plays discs the others don’t take.
(Love the swing arm CDM4, it hardly ever fails reading disks).

Again, the old 1543 is desired for pre 90’s music where anything Bitstream is more preferred for 90’s and onward. Classic, I usually play digital to amp to let the Dolby stuff do its magic.

as for DCC, I usually play analog to amp. Allthough the DD-82 is wired for digital to amp.