Something about myself

Hi All,

A small introduction about myself. I’m Tom living in the Netherlands and whole my life crazy of audio and new technologies. As you become older (that is what I think), you’re gonna pick up the things that were “new” in my younger years :slight_smile:

As child I was already busy with taperecorders, stereo’s, speakers, etc. I also got the prefernce for one particular brand and that was Sony. (hope this isn’t used against me). So everything was Sony in our house, except at my grandma, because she worked at Philips.

At the end of the eighties/beginning nighties, I bought myself a DAT recorder, the DTC-55ES. Which was my best bought ever (if you don’t count the repairs 2 times in one year). That was the only ES serie that we had. All other Sony products were just one step beneath the ES stuff. I still have the 55ES and plays still like a dream.

Beside the DAT I also was fond of the walkmans that Sony put into the market. I even did go multiple times to the Sony headoffice Benelux in Hoofddorp. Just to see what new stuff they got. You could also try out all Sony products yourself…

In 92 I bought the first minidisc (MZ-1) and some time later via my grandmother, we could buy a DCC900 and DCC130 for employee discount. I also have them both in working order. They were repaired a month ago by somebody local. The thing was at that time,that both machines the 900 and 130 gave up after a year and we didn’t really bother to repair them.

After multiple portable minidiscs, by the end of the 90’s we were all recording digitally on CD-R’s.

So after almost 20 years I’m picking up my old hobby… and thus included the DCC 's as well. Strangly enought I have the most fun with cassette recording/minidisc recording/dcc recording. We all know the streaming services, but what fun is that.

After the repair of the DCC900 and DCC130, I bought a DCC600 and just recently a DCC951. Oh what a joy!.

Unfortunatly my mother threw all DCC tapes away that we had… so I have to start recording some new tapes. At this moment I have more DCC recorder then I have tapes :stuck_out_tongue:

As prices go up and up, I hope to find some decent tapes out there. Prefereable new, I’m not sure if second hand tapes are wise to be using.

This is my introdution…and hope to be around more at the forum!
Kind regards


How many prerecorded were among them?

Listening to prerecorded ones is usually no problem when they were stored rewound, but recording on used blanks is tricky, @david.desclos has perfected it with a demagnetizer, we (the DCC Museum) can’t recommend it because of too many failures.

I never had prerecorded tapes, only my own recorded. Still ashamed that I don’t have them anymore. Part of the nostalgia :grin:

Oké so have to open my wallet…

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