Should DCC730 pinch rollers spin freely, if not how to fix it?

Three of my four pinch rollers from @drdcc hardly move respectively to its plastic core. I think moving really easily to the plastic core is how it should work. Can I lubricate the inner parts, if so which what or should I order three replacement replacement pinch rollers?

If they are pinch rollers with metal axis, carefully check if there is glue on the sticking out parts of the axis. That would definitely hinder free rotation in their sockets. Been there, done that.


edit: I now see that it’s for DCC730. They don’t have metal axis. So yeah.
Anyway, good advise nevertheless so I’ll leave my reply here.


The white axle and pinch roller are one. The pinch roller clicks in and should rotate freely.
If they do not, then either there might be a problem with the holder (seen that before), which is nearly impossible to repair, or maybe the mech pushing the pinch roller in.

Lubrication never seemed necessary so far.

Two somehow weren’t fully clipped in or at the wrong angle, I just wanted to double check before pushing harder.

I just pushed the pinch roller arms to the capstans a bit harder, it clicked again, and now both of my DCC730 are inherently functioning. :partying_face:

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