Share a picture of your DCC set up

Hi Team,

As I am slowly buying a few DCC players and I was wondering if any of you are willing to share how you like to listen to your DCC tapes:) photos are welcome:)

I currently only having one dcc170 to play with but soon hopefully will add a recorder player for home.

I found it challenging to match a good amp. Especially as I still use my Nakamichi tape deck as well as DCC.

( most amplifiers have only one record / line out)

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At the moment I just use the headphone output as they are quite good. Digital input via S/PDIF.

The weight of my hifi setup was too much for the dresser I put it on, it temporarily bent.

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Funny as currently my shelf is bending as well:) suppose quality gear is not lightweight

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It may surprise you to read this, but I don’t have space to put my DCC recorders in a permanent setup. Whenever I want to play with DCC, my dining room table ends up somewhat looking like this…

I made a slightly more permanent setup for hacking my DCC-175: it has my laptop and the DCC recorder and some other tidbits mounted on a turkey carving board, so I call it the Turkey Lab.

And of course everyone has already seen my setup for the DCC-i project (or maybe not):



You have seen our setup on our website (most likely). What we use for switching between players are Kramer Switches from Israel. Simply the best.
We use analog output, but I believe they have digital versions as well.


WoW that are both very cool set ups. Love the dcc175 hooked up to a laptop. Looks very good:)!

I mainly use my zx100 hooked up to the dcc170. Currently mainly experiencing the notice tape issues when recording. Lol seems I need to restore the tapes even when new


You could consider recording via optical input, but unfortunately the zx100 does not have a digital output, could make a marginal quality improvement.

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I think I am currently just happy if the tape does not make a squeaky sound haha. But yes was looking for a digital solution. I was thinking of my zx300 but that one is also only an analogue line out.

Have to admit love the sound quality.

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The difference will certainly be very small as both players have very high-quality chips.

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My setup you can see in the video

I have the possibility to record every content I have to DCC.
Analoge and Digital in 16&18 bit.
DAC’s in main setup are burr brown bi-directionally

And in my holiday


Well, my DCC kit isn’t as extensive as some of you guys, but I’ll share what I’ve got. :slight_smile:

My pride and joy, my 1st-generation Philips DCC900, sitting in between an RCA Laserdisc player (which also plays CDs, naturally) and a Technics SL-QL1 linear-tracking turntable:

And yes, the DCC900 has been fully recapped already, so it’s in no danger of eating itself. :smiley: Plays great, makes great recordings.

Next is my Philips DCC130 portable:

Alas, this fellow needs a bit of work; the NiCd battery pack is shot, and the terminals look to be corroding a bit on one end. (They did not corrode inside the unit, fortunately; I always took the pack out when not using the unit for any period of time. I don’t trust batteries, especially NiCds!)

And last, the tape collection (so far):

The top row is prerecorded Minidiscs, the middle and bottom rows are the DCCs. I also have a full box of Panasonic RT-D90As I haven’t tapped into yet, and the Allsop DCC cleaning kit:


Thank you for sharing:) looks like a great set up:)

Great collection. Let us know if you need help with the portable.

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I recently got my DCC deck (DCC730 via Ralf), but have been collecting media formats for decades.

Everything is hooked up to my Sony E9000 preamp. The nice thing about the E9000 preamp is the generous amount of digital in/out as well as analogue in/out. I split the optical record out and fed it to all the digital devices. The outputs of the MiniDisc, BluRay, DCC, and DAT decks are all hooked up to a digital input (either coax or optical based on the input). The MD, DCC, and DAT decks also all have analogue input for recording from the E9000.

On the full analogue side there is a Denon DP-40F turntable, a Sony RX606ES deck. (to experiment with Dolby S), and a Revox B77 hiding on top of the TV (which is what ultimately started this whole obsession). All of them have analogue in/out, again thanks to how many inputs/outputs are on the Sony. Have I mentioned how many digital and analogue inputs and outputs are on this thing? :slight_smile:

All of it is fed out to a Nobsound tube power amp. It’s fine, for the price. I can’t say it’s fantastic, but it’s great for how little it costs.


Really great set up and thanks for sharing.

Can understand t you enjoy your different content, in real fidelity :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks. It’s a setup I’ve been crafting for a long time, but doesn’t compare to your DACs. I love to kick back, crank up the volume, and just listen to an album or record from one format to another (for no reason other than to do it). Luckily the windows are thick enough for me not to annoy my neighbor. :slight_smile:


WoW awesome set up. How does the DCC compare against the other formats. Looks like you have them all lined up:)


That’s a really neat setup you’ve got there; I love all the little antique bits you’ve got decorating the space, to complement and contrast the modern stereo gear. :slight_smile:

And yes, you can never have too many inputs. Right now, I’m making do with a couple of Radio Shack “Tape Control Centers” to multiplex my amplifier’s two tape-deck connections across multiple decks (DCC, standard cassette, open-reel, 8-track recorder, and Minidisc), but if I keep accumulating formats “just because”, I’m gonna have to find a more expandable solution before too long…


Well, I do have a background in electronics, so I should be able to rebuild the NiCd pack; I’ve done that sort of thing before. :slight_smile:


Each format has it’s positives and negatives

I think DCC is the best sounding between it and MiniDisc. DAT is (in my opinion) the best sounding overall, but there aren’t any commercial releases for it, so it’s really just for recording from other sources.

MiniDisc is so damn convenient, especially with track numbering/naming/reordering/erasing, but the sound quality doesn’t match DCC or DAT.

There’s something nice about popping a commercial DCC release out of its case and into the deck that is ultimately very satisfying.

The Dolby S cassettes sound AMAZING, especially ones that are well recorded. Don’t misinterpret this – I’d take MD, DCC, or DAT over a Dolby S cassette any day. Having said that, I’d never have thought a MC could sound so clean and noise/hiss free.

In addition to this setup, I’ve got a multichannel music system setup in another room where I listen to multichannel 5.1 and quad disc stuff (mostly SACDs, but some DVD-Audio and BluRay audio). The quad stuff that is ripped from Quad reel-to-reels is a fairly amazing audio experience.