Service tapes

Hi everyone
Today I like to ask everyone to share about service tapes sometime age I so on eBay set of six or seven tapes DCC to service player at this time I didn’t have any knowledge or interest on purchasing this set
But recently I watch some video on Techmoan
where he test his Kenwood player with 1000hz tone and check left and right channel
Sometime I see tapes with 1000 hz -3000 hz for speed correction player with faulty belt then need adjustment
Besides this tape I see on market demagnetized tape we don’t need this one
Torque tape ,and-cleaning tape
Please share your knowledge about this service tapes thx

I forget to mention that service tape can also help to set up head azimuth

Doe you have a link of these tapes on e bay

No I don’t they ware available maybe 6 months ago I remember seller was from Eindhoven Netherlands

We have several service tapes. We adjust the speed with a 1kHz signal on portables, but according to the service manual there is a service tape with 3kHz for that. Unfortunately we do not have this one. It could be created of course

Do you know if Philips create this tapes or this tapes come out of human ingenuity
You mentioned that according to manual tape deck should be tested with 3000 hz do you know why ? Thx

The ones we have are all original Philips.
I am currently traveling to the Netherlands but will include a picture when I return.

I do not know why they suggest 3kHz for speed

Any chance someone can guide us on how to make service tape with 3000 hz

I think for wow and flutter measurement on analog tape, 3140 Hz is used because it approximates 1000 times pi. This has mathematical significance because of complex numbers but I don’t remember the details.

I have some test DCC’s I bought off eBay a while ago and I think they were used for production testing. I haven’t listened to all of them but I think they have repeated frequency sweeps recorded on them. This was probably done to test the digital filters.

There were also DCC test cassettes that had a 96kHz signal on each track, according to the service manuals. These probably don’t reproduce any audio, they’re intended to adjust the read amplifiers and test the low level hardware. In theory it should be possible to use a microcontroller to generate these by directly controlling a DCC deck’s write amplifier. Maybe I’ll get to creating those one day. But creating a DCC with a 1 kHz or 3 kHz or 3.14 kHz signal is not that hard. I have a test CD that I could digitally record, and just yesterday I found how to encode a file on a PC and put it on a DCC through DCC Studio, so it should be possible to generate a DCC with a test tone or a sweep or whatever by using a computer.

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Hi Jack thank you for sharing this information
I know you working on other things but yes please help us as much you can thx

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These came in today. Great for demonstration, but they also have various signals on them (1kHz)



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Hello everyone
Today I was watching Techmoan video Wow& Flutter
Under video there is link to WFGUI software and 3khz file to check tape deck I don’t know much about this software but there is some information links
I would like to find out more about this and in future check speed of my deck I wonder how this software is connected to deck ?
Is this simply microphone connection or through cable?

I believe he connected it via either line output or the headphone jack.

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