SAMPLE DCC Prerecorded (Studio) Tapes

Hi, everyone.

I’m trying to figure out one thing about DCC pre-recorded (studio) tapes.

I have 5 DCC studio cassettes. 3 of them have labels with artist’s name and album’s name on cassette’s back side.

But 2 of them (both “Dire Straits - On Every Street”) have label: “SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE, not yet according to DCC Standard”.

One of them is fully working with music and all texts (album, artist, track’s names). Second one - is completely blank.


And what is the difference between DCC studio cassettes like my first 3 studio cassettes and DCC cassettes labeled as SAMPLE?

Have those with “SAMPLE” label been sold in market or not?

Does DCC cassette “Dire Straits - On Every Street” exist WITHOUT “SAMPLE” label? Or all “Dire Straits - On Every Street” have this label?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

The DCC samples are very early first generation tapes. They came in two versions.
With and without music. The ones without music were for shows etc, to just show how the new format would look, the version with music was for a real demonstration.

Both of them are not super rare, and occasionally pop up. We have a few without music… frustrating to find out, but we know why.

The other titles are the “real” releases that are common.


Thank you!

Any chance to recognise this versions of the Sample DCC cassettes?

For example mine DCC tape “Dire Straits - On Every Street” with Yellow letterings is fully functional. Another one with white letterings - its just a dummy.