RQ-DP7 squealing

I’ve recently installed a new belt on my player and played a couple DCC’s through it since. I let it sit for about a week or two and attempted to use it this morning and have found that it no longer plays tapes DCC’s or an analog tape (for testing purposes). It will play the A side of an analog tape if it’s flipped in the player which is odd, but with DCC’s I heard a bit of a gear skipping noise and squealing then nothing. I haven’t taken it back apart yet but I’m trying to think up some ideas before I dig back into it.

Thanks, Shane.

Are you sure the belt was correct fitted? If it is slightly thicker then sometimes it gets caught in the engine.

I am afraid you would have to re-open it to check that.

Hey there, I appreciate the reply. I did take the machine apart and the belt is routed properly. I bought the belt from you all so I didn’t think that was the issue. I also purchased the 18650 battery adapter which I am not used to. The battery had gone low and was providing the machine a lower voltage, a recharged battery resolved the issue… Crazy it’s the little things that you don’t check that can get you. Thanks again for the response.

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