Restoration of Technics RS DC-10


Hi dear friends,
I am new here. I have got one Technics RS DC10 player which was not working. It didn’t detect any DCC tape but could play analog tapes. And the volume level for analog tapes were very low. Recently I gave it to a technician to repair it. He replaced the capacitors. Now it can detect the DCC tapes and Play the tapes but no sound. The analog tapes sound is much improved now. Any suggestions and advice is highly appreciated.
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It could be several things. Most likely on the read-write board

  • The side A to side B connections are not all working on the board. You would need to check.
  • There is a middle layer in the board, if from side a or b there is a bad connection, it will be a bigger problem.
  • one of the Ic’s TDA 1316 or TDA 1317 has a problem.
  • Potential head issue.

We might be able to help and check it for you, but you would need to send the mechanism (only).
We don’t need the entire player.


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Thanks mate for your kind reply… I will have a look again and see what happens. I will contact with you soon…