Replace capstan belt on RS DC10

Hi everyone
I like to ask forum for advice on how to change capstan belt on Technics rs DC10 I didn’t see any video on this subject from Dr DCC
Besides I also like to find out about belts I see some on eBay special for this model but I also see set of 50 belts different length 4mm wide and square belts maybe good for open close mechanisms please share with me what size of belt I need and how to replace them thx

Hi @Markosz, I moved this topic to the recorders section for you. I’m sure @drdcc will have a great answer for you shortly.

Hi @Markosz,
The belt size for the capstan is 68x4x0.6 and the ones on ebay are ok to use (from Germany).
The other two belt sizes: 50x2x2 and 23x15x15 They can be a bit flexible.

We have them as well at the dccmuseum for patrons.

There is currently no video of belt replacement on the first gen available, but it should be relatively easy and we will make one in the future for sure. If you look at the belt replacement video of the dcc600, you should first make a photo of how the original belt was placed and then copy that.

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Than you ,I like to become Patron and get access to parts and your expertise please share how we can order parts and services from you

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You can reach out via [email protected] and let us know what parts you need.

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As you see on picture two pinch rolers replacing them is part of maintenance I don’t know how to replace them I have to ask for advice or video link thx

It is relatively easy. The right pinch roller is held down with a clip. By inserting a screw driver the clip can be moved (don’t put to much pressure) and the entire arm with pinch roller will come out. You can remove the metal axle and put a new pinch roller in. Then simply click the entire arm back in place.

The left roller is a bit more work, You have to remove the metal cover (held down with one screw) to gain access. Other than that it is the same procedure as the right roller.

This is another good suggestion for a future video, as we do not have one available.