Hi all,

I have a DCC900, DCC600 and the DCC130. I just recently recorded a few new tapes. During recording it didnt want to automate the markers. So I added them manually. After the last track on side A I added : Next MKR Write. So forwarding till the end of the tape on side A. Set some makers on side B. And then tried the renumbering. This works for side A, but when it goes to side B, it just says, Renumbering Stops.

Have tried this on both decks, but with the same result. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Hi Tom,

This can be a number of issues.

  • The tape of the dcc can be bad due the factor time, heat and moisture, the magnetism is down.
    so write of the markers are the work less, and then renumber is not working as well, specially on side b.
  • Cleaning can help as well.
  • The quality of the belt and pinch rollers can be issue as well, due the fact speed and tracking is off.

For part or further help you can contact us at the dccmuseum.

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Hi Jorn,

Thank you for the suggestions.

With new caps and belts in both machines I think the tape can be the culprit.

Will clean the heads first and try again. If that doesn’t work will try a different tape.

As soon as I tried this I will update the topic!


Actually, one point Jorn is describing has happened at the DCC Museum the day before yesterday.

Our 951 was acting up, with dropouts and time/track information no longer accurate.
When testing it with a regular analog tape, the tape speed was slow.

Adjusting the speed it with a analog 3150 Hz tape (you can also use a 3kHz) and the problem was gone.

If you own music (a song) you know really well, you could test it by listening if the speed is ok.

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Any idea why the 951 was off speedwise?
Something must have changed when otherwise this deck was allright…

Our 951 is used really a lot. The most of any I would say.

I doubt if it could be the caps. But If that is the case… it will come back.
Maybe it was not aligned correctly after replacing the belts and pinch rollers (that would be my fault lol) and the problem got worse over time. It could also be that the belt did stretch a little over 4 years or there is another issue. I will monitor it closely.

Ah! A mistery… well we are used to them! Lol!

Dcc is like a tightrope…as long as you are in the middle everything is fine! But as soon as you mis-step… you are in Dire Straits!

Still love it to bits… because if you got it right, it sounds amazing!