Remotes and putting text on tape with DCC951

I have following remotes:
RC6803/01 mfg date unknown
RH6923/00 week 40, 1992
RH6924/00 week 01, 1993

Witch belongs to which recorder?

Als: the 951 sould be able to put text on self recorded dcc tapes.
Has anyone got a pdf explaining how to do this?

Kind regards,
Marout Sluijter-Borms
Amsterdam NL

I don’t know the type numbers of the remote controls. I might be able to help if you post pictures.

The 1993 remote controls are probably for 1st or 2nd generation recorders anyway. Of course they all work with all DCC recorders.

You can download (a very bad scan of) the DCC951 manual from Philips: This is the Dutch version:


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All remotes that you listed will work on the 951 and 730.
The original one is smaller and has actual numbers and letters on it, to make programming easier.

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Here is an English version.
Philips dcc95117s.pdf (1.2 MB)

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All of them are the same form factor as you show here.

But which belongs to which recorder.
(frankly I’m peeved because I know I had the original remote but it seems
to have gone awol).

Ah good… At least I can still do text using my remote w/o text printed on the buttons.

All of you remotes listed should belong to either first and/or second generation players.
The 951 and 730 start normally with 6842. That remote is a bit smaller.