Remote control for DCC portables

Hello !

Original remote controls SBC3311, SBC3327 and SBC6270 are now difficult to come by if you already don’t have them. Anyways are they compatible with each other and will work in all DCC portables ?
Or maybe anyone found recently produced headphones with remote that work ?
The one I tried for example Koss Porta Pro or the ones that came boxed with my previous cell phones didn’t work at all and the sound was not okay either (was like coming from deep inside), although jack plug had 4 connectors as well.

Thanks for your replies.

I believe they do. Though the ones for the Philips 130 and Panasonic RQD7 are the same but cant me matched with the 134,170 and 175.

I have had the same experience with some newer headphones as you are describing.
Normal 3 ring connectors seem to always work.