Rare sealed tapes

First of all congratulations on your great work @drdcc!

Interesting question, do you plan to unwrap unique sealed ones for dumps when my dumping technology is working for you or when you have a reasonable suspicion of ITTS, or do you keep them sealed? I am not sure how I would prefer it or do it if I were responsible.


@Max best question of the day (but it is still early lol).

Early this year, we had to make this decision for photographing the dcc titles.
Do we open or leave sealed. We decided to open all of them.

  • To take and share the pictures in our database on the website
  • To test if the titles have ITTS
  • To make them ready for a preservation backup online (when this technology is ready)
  • To actually listen to the music.

We know that the value decreases when a package is opened, but we still thought that the above 4 points made more sense.



Good approach, we are here to use DCC, fully understand everything about it as much as possible, and not to worship it.

I assume you keep additional identical copies sealed?

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When we find another copy that is sealed, we keep that one if possible.