Random noise in PASC

I found a Popular Mechanics article from 1991 about DCC claiming that

Small amounts of random noise are added to conceal any coding errors that might occur.

I found neither any other source not any evidence for it.

@drdcc Do your prototype models maybe do that?

@Max nice find, but this text is not new for me, I have to look up where is’t also noted.
At the moment we also checking the bit depth output, maybe we can visualize this as well …

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This is new to me.

Adding digital noise is a common way to reduce quantization noise at the time of the analog to digital conversion. This is not related to PASC, it’s done for any AD conversion, usually in combination with oversampling. It may seem counterintuitive but it does work. I saw a video explaining this a while ago but I can’t find it right now.

=== Jac