Question on DCC decks for hifi. Technics model wanted...rare/expensive?

Hi again.

2nd post! On a roll. Thanks firstly to Ralph who has been helping me in DM over my newly applied 12m in advance Patreon DCC membership! Very helpful and responsive :+1:

Looking forward now to getting a battery and cable for AC/DC power checks to see if my 2nd hand new acquisition will work!

My next question being a noob - is do Technics DCC decks (play/record) come up often - and what price should I expect to have to fork out for one in working order (never mind shipping to US). Also - would need a US or EU/UK model deck as I wouldn’t want a Japanese one for the hassle of a step-down 240 to 110v converter.

No idea whether a) they appear often or b) are even " afforable". As a comparison, I bought a UK Technics top model Minidisc deck (they were never released in Aus) and landed here it cost about $450 Aussie (<$350 US).

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Wow! Ok. Saw this (from here!) DCC Techncis RS-DC10 Digital Compact Cassette Fully Restored | eBay