Problem with Technics RS-DC8

Hello, Maybe someone know what is going on ? Thank you.

Could be many things. Mechanism or control board.
Most problems are with the mechanism and gears. Once the door fails to open, it needs to be restored.

There are 2 different gears that can cause a problem.

Hi, Thank you.

Do you hear the CAM motor if you press open / close button?

Problem was solved.

I have the same problem, what was the solution?

Hi, I have the same problem, no motor sound is heard. I believe the DC8 only has 2 motors, 1 capstan/cam and 1 reel motor
I tested the capstan/cam motor and it’s fine

Hello, it could have multiple reasons: first check all FFP cables connecting the servo board to main board and to motor board. Then if it doesn’t improve the situation next question if the power supply is working faultless. Then you have to check the servo board itself. Perhaps this helps to diagnose the issue: do you hear the capstan motor shortly spinning if you switch the power on unit on?

I checked all the cables, I made a video with all details

  1. when I plug in the power cord you hear the capstan motor shortly
  2. when I turn the device on, no motor is running, only clicking noises
  3. the is some brown stuff near the big capacitors but I believe that is glue

The problem started all of a sudden when the device was not in use and turned off (power cord was plugged in). I heard a motor running constantly, and this turned out to be the DC8. I only could stop the motor by pulling out the power plug.

thanks for looking into it!