Problem with Philips dcc 600.. digital part

My dcc 600 stopped working…
No digital signal after trying to figure out why can play B side of the dcc tape.
I try azimuth wth minimum correction and sound is starting… But…after try another tape… the error and no sound stop again. Try with another tape and fix azimuth but… Sound Stoped permanently. Analog plays fine.
When I checked capacitors and lines… dcc tape is recognized…when i pull out cables for heads. Try to check board… Nothing is leaked or broken. When a assembled again… No dcc recognized a tape only…
Plays tape with no sound, on display is READING…and cant stop… Only eject stops a dcc tape. And counter on analog sometimes stops working. But sound of analog tape is ok.
Service mode says DDSP: Digital Drive Processing error?

Please help me. Thanks

Hi and Welcome.
If side B was playing, you should have started with the pinch rollers (not sure if you did).
It is very rare that the azimuth needs adjusting on these, but I have seen stranger things.

Now it has come a bit more tricky to determine where the fault lies. Analog plays fine, so it can’t be the gear (was it replaced?). If needed we can provide a donor board, and work from there.


How to check DDSP procesor, why is in READING mode?
How does the player initialize a DCC tape? What signal is needed?
Gear is replaced and new.

  1. Insert a dcc tape
  2. dcc heads reads a tape, song numbers, and TOC. READING STATUS

Is this part digital reading from heads>digital board where heads are connected? Or a board behind where play and buttons are? With SAA2014

  1. going to stop mode, ready to play or record DCC tape
    with analog tape stops, rewind, ff, everyting works.
    But DCC tape goes on PLAY , than READING… and never stops.

That could indicate one of the tape length detection switches is not working correctly.

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