Problem DCC 730

I have a problem with my DCC730. Playing and recording are fine, but no time or text info is shown.
What may be the problem here?

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If everything is working except the display, there’s a good chance that there’s a simple problem that can easily be fixed.

Start by checking the solder connections on the VFD display; check that there are no cold solder joints and fix them if necessary.

If reflowing the solder connections on the display doesn’t help, check the power supply voltages on the front panel PCB, especially the negative supply that goes to the VFD. I think it’s -70V or something so be careful.

Let us know how it went!

=== Jac

The display itself is not the problem For example “play”, “stop” etc. are shown. Only time, track number and text info are not shown. Service mode gives “display ok”.
The recorder gives error “CH 9 error 20”

Time code is generated at ch9 so most probably the fault can be:

  1. Deposits on the head, clean head with alcohol
  2. Pinchrollers worn, not capable to transport tape accurate enough to display ch9.
    3.(worst case) defective ch9 head…