Post Re-cap issues Philips DCC 900

Hello All

You guys look like the authority on everything DCC . I love your resources and your restoration video and forum have been very helpful .

I love hifi and I picked up a dcc player in a job lot the other day. I tested it with dcc tapes and analogue and there was just random noise on the analogue and nothing on the dcc .

I got to recapping and used through hole caps . I Recapped the two boards shown in the video and did both polar and bipolar . The boards themselves had light corrosion and I checked the capacitor pads for continuity and they tested fine.

The player can now play back analogue perfectly ( as much as I tested ) on both sides. Dcc however does not. The DCC tape seems to hand on the reading stage. It does register the tracks and then will play and ffwd . It does not register any sound on either channels .

In my mind it not working at all on either channels is better then a little on either or both…

My thoughts are to look back over the boards for corrosion on the through plates connecting the layers. And general corrosion . I would greatly appreciate any pointers . oh the pinch rollers look ok and no sound I would presume would indicate an electronic problem…

Any advice much appreciated.

Regards Dave

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Hi and welcome,

There are plenty of our YouTube videos out there to help.

Check if the side a-b via connections are ok on the read write boards first.