Possible DCC600 red silicon gear cush drive fix

Ready for the next installment of my DCC Odyssey? Well I fixed my DCC730 and so it now records DCC tapes perfectly. The idea was to then play them back on the DCC600 with the broken record coils (thus protecting the fragile DCC730 head from over use and wear). Well, the DCC600 which has been playing OK for a week started to eat tapes. This was caused by the take-up reel not turning properly. On inspection I found that all four little tabs on the silicon cush drive which fits inside another red silcon gear had broken off and were floating about in the mechanism. Silicon sticks great with superglue and superglue hardens instantly in the presence of baking soda. The cush drive was rebuilt using the erastz plastic which the cyanoacrylate and sodium bicarbonate produce. Its played a whole 90 minute tape OK so far. I’ll let you know how long it lasts. Oh, also used the same trick to rebuild the two tabs that gave out while removing the capstan rear bearing end float caps for the umpteenth time!!