Portables rattling when rewinding to the beginning


On occasion we find all model portables not stopping when rewinding to the beginning. Normally when reading the TOC the player will slow down and the slip/gear will nicely stop once the tape reaches it beginnings.

When this problem occurs, the player will not stop (although it slows down) and a rattling noise will come from the mechanism. Sometimes it stops, sometimes you would have to press stop.

Anyone found a solution for this?
We sometimes see that a little longer belt (65-67)mm alleviates the problem.

Here is an example on a DCC134


I should remove the pcb and put the player in rewinding mode with the solenoid. Than directly power the motor and see what the problem is. I think there should be something with the solenoid/cam gear/trigger lever. Or some old grease on the mechanics that keeps a gear out of position.

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Have you seen this problem before?

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No I did not seen it, but If I have to guess its something in the gears.

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I do have another way around with the 170… with some tapes the recorder switches of to STOP before reaching the end…