Portable Panasonic RQ-DP7 Tape Sensing Issue?

Hello all. About 20 years ago I bought this unit new in box. Played it often for about 5 years but not the last 15. I fired it up last week and the tape won’t play using both DCC and analogue. The display works fine but the tape does not engage. I am not technically oriented in any way but it seems the player doesn’t sense the tape is installed.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Usually it is the belt that causes the problem. Also the capacitors need replacing.

Several videos on our YouTube Channel about replacing the belt and capacitors are available.

We are happy to help if needed.

Thanks I will watch and give it a try although I can be technically challenged.

Do you have these parts available? If not, any idea where they can be sourced?
Todd Truax

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