Portable DCC170 playback error - please help!

Hi. I’ve just got my portable DCC recorder DCC170/00 out of the loft and, whilst the power comes on ok when I press the play button, it then seems to power off almost immediately. I have looked at the manual trouble shooting section, but it seems rather complicated/confusing, I have to say :frowning:

Basic video below.

Hope you can hear the very quiet motor sound.

I’m sure it worked fine last time I checked, but that would have been a LONG time ago.

Any suggestions of what I could check and/or how much it might cost to have repaired?


That will probably be the belt that has stopped being elastic and does not drive all the gears anymore.
The player’s logic detects that there is no gear and tape movement while the motor is running and as a precaution for disaster and tapejam etc. it shuts the player down.


Hi and welcome,

@pvdm is correct. Here is a video about the, most likely, cause of your problem.

We can help if needed. Just contact [email protected]

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Thanks both. Got the impression that may be the case, but thanks for coming back so quickly. Ideally I’d like to fix it myself - just a lot of screws, solder, patience - and a steady hand! :wink:

I’ve had a quick look on ebay for the belts, but nothing much seemed to come up - maybe one out of Germany for around £12. Any tips on where I’d best get one - and how much might it cost if you fixed it for me?

Thanks again.

Please contact [email protected] for that.


Done, thanks.