Phillips dcc 900 / does not play analog cassettes correctly

Greetings to the community.
I am a new user. I think it’s great to have found this site that offers support to users of dcc technology.

Then I present the problem I have, I hope someone can inform me or give some advice.

On December 30, 2020, I received a second-hand Phillips DCC-900 tape deck, very excited because I find it very beautiful and the DCC technology seems very interesting.
I have barely tested it, but the digital functionality seems to work fine. However, analog cassettes do not play well, the left channel is not audible (the VU meter does not move) and the right channel is barely audible (the VU meter does move somewhat) and also with poor quality (I think the same thing happened to the user Mikko_Maattanen).
The seller in the ad stated that the device worked perfectly, and when he mentioned the problem, he told me that since it is DCC technology, analog cassettes may not reproduce them, and it has become so wide.

I await your comments and advice.

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Welcome to the forum! First of all, playing analog tapes on DCC recorders is not recommended as it will damage the head due to abrasive and or corrosive properties of analog tapes. Decent analog tape decks are cheaper than DCC recorders and can record analog tapes.

The capacitors need to be replaced in any case, this may also fix the issue of analog tape playback:

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The most probable reason is leaked
capacitors that, in turn, have possibly
damaged conductors on one of those printed boards.
The damaged conductors, if any, should be bridged and electrolytic capacitors all replaced on these boards.